OCD Jpeg Shoes

Sarah Svendsen & Rachel Mahon, OCD

Stemming from bonds of friendship formed between Sarah and her University of Toronto undergraduate classmate, Rachel Mahon, Organized Crime Duo (OCD) is an organ duo like no other. OCD’s goal is to entertain audiences with music and antics (involving costume changes, dazzling shoes and hot tempers) while promoting the organ and making the instrument interesting and accessible to a diverse audience. With this purpose in mind, OCD concerts are unlike any other organ concerts, appealing to everyone from the organ aficionado to the first-time organ concert attendee. OCD’s repertoire includes a combination of classic organ repertoire and popular music transcribed and arranged for pipe organ. For more information, check out Organized Crime Duo’s Official Website, or go to Sarah’s Gallery to see shots from an OCD photo shoot.

OCDStop Logo Jpeg

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