A great passion in Sarah’s life is the introduction and education of as many young (and not so young) people as possible to the pipe organ.  She strongly believes that the art form has not died, but has simply not been as easily accessible in today’s secular world.  Through teaching, speaking engagements, led discussions, local and national Royal Canadian College of Organist Events (RCCO), narrated organ recitals, and her collaborative organ duo Organized Crime Duo, Sarah strives to strategically introduce fresh faces to the fascinating instrument she views to be the most multi-sensory acoustic instrument available to today’s techies.   Sarah has been a guest speaker and performer for the Waterloo-Wellington RCCO Pipe Organ Week, the point woman and co-organizer of Toronto RCCO’s “Pipes, Pedals, and Pizza”, and a guest presenter for the D.A.R.E. Arts Toronto, a program helping underprivileged children find purpose in the arts. She also serves on the Royal Canadian College of Organists National Strategic Planning Committee, and has presented an afternoon of discussion to the Halifax RCCO on “the Future of the Pipe Organ, as I see it”.   For inquiries regarding teaching (private or group), speaking engagements, or plain ol’ brainstorming please see the Contact page.

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